Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Cold Dark Hours by A.G. Yates

A knife-sharp insight into the powerful clashes of big business.
And the brittle passions of its men and women.

When Electronics Incorporated, the commercial colossus that employed him, pulled Kieth Kirkland back from New York to Sydney, he thought it was trouble. The trouble came in two parts. The television receiver that would not and Jason Sloan, the new boss, who wanted a fall-guy and selected Keith for the job. He was the expert who had to sell the new TV receiver to a disbelieving public. And if it failed, Kieth's head wouldn't be the one to roll. He had a fall guy and there were the distractions along the way. Distractions like Peggy Bush, the blonde secretary in his office. The girl who believed that nothing was too personal for a personal secretary. Particularly when  it helped her career. And then there was the beautiful Lavinia, Jason's wife, who had two loves and neither of them was Jason. Keith thought he had reached the end when he had to chose between career and his best friend./ But the troubles had only started. Troubles that were to end in stark tragedy and sudden death.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc. Pty. Ltd.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Golden Bull by John Stevenson

It was cheap souvenir. 
But its secret was worth millions of dollars. 
And as many lives!

George Gross Cover
A Killing in Gold!

South of the border someone  is trying to torpedo the U.S. economy by shipping enormous quantities of gold onto the black market. Whoever is behind it must be both determined and fabulously wealthy, unless an undisclosed vein has been opened, or a new source of gold discovered. Who is investing this fortune in undermining U.S. stability? And is there more to it than mere economics? Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" is on his way to find out. But first he has to clean up after one assassinated AXE agent. Investigate the stunning socialite Tina Rodriguez, and find the missing David Hawk!

Printing History
Written by John Stevenson

Charter Books
441 29782
June 1981

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Loving And The Dead (UK) by Carter Brown

She played hard and fast with murder

Campbell MacCallum Cover
"The next best thing to a man is murder,
but what I really like is a man who's murder"

 Mavis Seidlitz

Printing History

New English Library
Four Square Books
October 1966

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mission To Siena by James Hadley Chase

Mission To Siena

Beverley LeBarrow Cover
The Deadly Tortoise

For years the world-wide operations of a mysterious and ruthless extortioner who called himself the Tortoise had baffled Scotland Yard and the police forces of Europe. But, slippery though he was, he was no match for the fast-thinking, fast-acting Don Micklem, a wealthy American who got on the Tortoise's trail and tracked him to his lair.....

Printing History

Copyright 1955

Granada Publishing Limited
1966, 1969, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1981
ISBN 586 2049

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Australian Crime Fiction by John Loder

Australian Crime Fiction by John Loder
A Bibliography 1857-1993

One of my many reference books in my library.

Printing History

D W Thorpe
Reed Reference Publishing 
Port Melbourne, Victoria 

In association with 
National Centre for Australian Studies
Monash university
Clayton, Victoria

Copyright 1994 
ISBN 1 87889 51 1

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Silencers by Donald Hamilton

The Silencers
Matt Helm #4

Matt Helm returns, he is the undercover agent  with a killer instinct and a weakness for the wrong women.

Matt takes a long journey into the mountains of New Mexico to find, in a battered old church,  one of the most ungodly devices ever conceived for mans destruction.

Columbia Pictures made a movie staring Dean Martin as Matt Helm in 1966

Printing History

Fawcett Gold Medal Books
Copyright 1962

s1194 (February 1962) 
d1641 (June 1966) Movie tie in
T2374 (unkn)
449 14136 (18th printing)

Movie (1966)
Dean Martin
Stella Stevens
Victor Buono
Daliah Lavi

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Amsterdam (Tandem)

Here is a 1973 Tandem Reprint

Written by William L Rhodes.

Universal-Tandem Publishing Co Ltd.
ISBN 426 7050 (1973)
Produced by Brodard et Taupin Paris France

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Hang Up Kid by Carter Brown

A sexy freak and a flipped out hippie, Rick Holman's guide on a trip in murder!

Robert McGinnis Cover
Kill a falling star.....
Evan Curran was Hollywood's newest movie idol, financially heeled, emotionally confuse, mentally rocky, and damn sure he would be stone dead within forty eight hours.

Horwitz Edition Photo Cover

Private eye Rick Holman thought his newest client was some kind of psycho on a far out guilt trip. The only trouble with that theory was that there was one corpse already, and far too many people around just praying for Curran to end up with his brains bashed out. Who would have the guts to do it, was something that Rick could only guess..

Signet Photo Cover
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #151
ISBN 7255 0046 (1970)

New American Library
Signet Books
P4159 (February 1970)
Y7750 (1978)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Ouster Conspiracy by David Hagberg

A mole is discovered at the highest level of government.
And all evidence points to AXE!

George Gross Cover
When Nick Carter was called into the Oval Office, he knew this would be more than a routine assignment. And when he realizes that David Hawk, Chief of Operations for AXE, was not present at the meeting. And had not been seen anywhere for a week, his mission rapidly became a nightmare! On the track of a traitor, Nick pursues evidence from Brussels to Moscow and back again to Washington D.C., and the very inner sanctum of Intelligence.

Nick Carter's assignment: Get David Hawk!

Printing History
Written by David Hagberg

Charter Books
May 1981

When the Nick Carter Killmaster series was being produced, The Ouster Conspiracy was consider as a model for anyone wishing to write for the series.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

No Tears From The Widow (Horwitz) by Carter Brown

Script Edition

Copyright by Horwitz Publications Inc, Pty Ltd. 
Numbered Series #135 (1966)
Second Edition (1967)
Scripts Pty Ltd.
Printed Hong Kong by Continental Printing Co, Ltd.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Society Of Nine by Jack Canon

Nick Carter goes to the heart of a conspiracy that would turn Africa into a slave empire!

George Gross Cover
Double Identity
Liam McDaniel: Dead in an auto accident near Paris. 
His legacy: An arsenal of weapons and a mission of assassination!

When David Hawk, director of AXE, the super-secret arm of U.S. intelligence, sees McDaniel's picture, he sends for Nick Carter, Killmaster N3. The terrorist was a dead ringer for Nick.

Nick's mission: Assume McDaniel's identity and find out why he was being sent to Africa, who hired him, and who his target was.

With the unlikely help of a KGB agent and a beautiful South African girl , Nick Carter uncovers a bizarre dream of empire, that would cripple the Western world!

Printing History
Written by Jack Canon

Charter Books
441 77233
March 1981

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Temptress (UK Edition) by Carter Brown

She was worth $3 million.
And a target for a killer.

Four Square Photo Cover
UK Edition of The Temptress

New English Library
Four Square Books
#1743 (February 1967)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Spy In White Gloves by Jack Laflin

Who needs Jame Bond, when you have Gregory Hiller?

We all know what Hiller can do, but now he is in South America working on a revolutionary case that can change his way of life if he fails. Can there be confidence in him? Bien, but has one ever met a women like Lily Chang who can rip your guts out with her body, or with a knife? Or had a Rolls explode at 101 miles per hour? Or been left for dead.....?

Printing History
Written by Jack Laflin

Belmont Books
September 1965

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Q-Man by John Stevenson

A technical genius plots to devastate the U.S continent!

George Gross Cover
When Nick Carter flew over San Diego all he could see was a dense cloud of brick dust. The city was virtually gone. Next stop was Los Angeles, as the quake worked its way up the fault line. And the devastation was man-made! The only suspects both deny that the quakes could be technologically induced. But AXE records prove that either one had the skill and the equipment to be the Q-Man. Nick has to find out who it is before the continent is utterly destroyed!

Printing History
Written by John Stevenson

Charter Books
March 1981

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chameleon #1 by Jerry LaPlante

The Wrath of Garde
Like you, he's mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore!

He's the vigilante of today!
The Bond of the 80's!
And the Hulk of tomorrow!

He's Vance Garde, the mild-mannered, scientific engineering genius, who as a child hero-worshiping the infamous 007 and Incredible Hulk. Now, over twenty years later, aroused to a fury by the slightest injustice, he changes into the ruthless, deadly vindicators know an the Chameleon. A rude remark, an annoying glare, it does not take much to set him off. To suddenly transform him from his usual non-committed self into a one man army hell-bent on revenge! His schemes are outrageous. His equipment is unique. To his colleagues he is a dedicated innovator. To the ladies he is the original Macho Man. And to his enemies he is an attack force to be eliminated, or avoided at all costs!

Printing History
Written by Jerry LaPlante

Kensington Publishing Corp
Zebra Books
ISBN 89083 437
January 1979

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Born Loser by Carter Brown

She was the last of the red hot mamas.
Signet Photo Cover
She was going to cause red hot trouble unless Lieutenant Al Wheeler turned up her daughter's killer. Mrs. Siddell had given her ultimatum to Wheeler and to the three biggest wheels in the syndicate. Deliver one murder in 48 hours or Pine City would see the biggest blood fest in history. Al did his best. But with the syndicate on his heels and a pair of beautiful bods, one blonde beauty and one brunette vixen, chasing after him with love and murder on their minds. Al Wheeler was not sure he could meet the deadline in time to prevent the red hot mama from starting a gangland war that would put Pine City on the maps for keeps!

Horwitz Photo Cover
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #171
ISBN 7255 0236
Copyright 1973

New American Library
Signet Books
ISBN 451 T5496
June 1973

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Coyote Connection by Bill Crider and Jack Davis

A sleepy border town turns into a fire zone of terror!

George Gross Cover
On a mission of assassination, a group of Mid-East terrorists begin their underground journey in the U.S.

The point of entry: Brownsville-Matamoros region of Texas.

Method: Slip in with the masses of illegal aliens that make it across the border daily.

Identities: Unknown!

And if Nick Carter does not stop them dead. The legislative powers of the U.S. will grind to a halt. With panic no far behind!

Printing History
Written by Bill Crider and Jack Davis

Charter Books
11851 (February 1981)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Removers by Donald Hamilton

Gangsters, government assassins, and two beautiful women.
Who's in the midst of it all?
Matt Helm....

Mission: #3 The Removers
A brutal journey into the bitter, silent world of a government assassin, where calculated killing occurs in subtle ways and strange places. And where wracking torture is a predictable rule of the game. Matt Helm finds himself torn between the neurotic urges of a gangster's headstrong daughter and a threat to the life of a women to whom he had once been married. 

Printing History

copyright 1961 

Fawcett Gold Medal Books
1st printing March 1961
d1969 (.50) November 1967
t2294 (.75)

Ballantine Books
1st Printing 14157 (1.95) February 1984
2nd Printing 13037 (2.95) August 1986

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Phantom Title Typhoon Ray

The title of Typhoon Ray was scheduled to be published by Charter in December 1980. The author never turned in the complete manuscript and was never located. Turkish Bloodbath was published instead. Subsequent titles listed Typhoon Ray among the blacklists. Another phantom title appeared on flysleeves of the Award Nick Carters in 1967. The title was Bruce Cassiday's Operation Goldkill.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Die Anytime, After Tuesday! by Carter Brown

Rick Holman, Hollywood's top trouble shooter, 
has a heavy date with blackmail, sex, and sudden death.

Robert McGinnis Cover
A part-time lesbian
A sex-happy starlet
A shy nympho
A topless virgin

Chief suspects in a sadistic plot to murder comedian Sam Sorel before the week is out. Which of these women sent the nightmarish warning? Which women would stop at nothing short of murder to take revenge for the sick comic's moist cruel and unnatural joke? Rick Holman, Hollywood's one man vice squad , has three wild days to explore every curve and angle. Dodging bullets, fists and flying clothes in his pursuit of the body most likely to succeed.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #147 (1969)

New American Library
Signet Books
T5175 (June 1969)

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Priestess by Frank Lauria

Dr Orient Returns


She is sensually on fire, the most beautiful, dangerous women ever to live out her fantasies of the flesh in a modern horror story.

She is exquisite, number-one mistress of number-one man in the Florida crime syndicate.

She is the ardent worshiper of Lecumi, the Voodoo of Cuba. For her it is mother, father, and family, and lover, burning with unfulfilled passion.

Printing History
Written by Frank Lauria

Bantam Books
553-02902 (May 1978)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turkish Bloodbath by Jerry Ahern

A gypsy girl holds the key to a Pandora's Box of mass murder!

George Gross Cover
The IRA wants it to blackmail Parliament. The PLO wants it to destroy Israel and Egypt. Dr. Rauffmann stole it from the Soviets to start a Fourth Reich. 

And an innocent gypsy girl buries in a garden in Istanbul to keep it safe.

Nick Carter's mission is to find it, the vial containing recombinant bacteria with grotesque and pervasive effects. Find Dr Rauffmann, its creator, and do what has to be done. With the KGB and PLO following every step of the way.

Printing History
Written by Jerry Ahern

Charter Books
82726 (December 1980)

This title is the only title to be copyrighted in the authors real name.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Target For Their Dark Desire by Carter Brown

She was the hottest sexpot on the market until she ran into murder.
And then she was a very cold dish indeed.

Robert McGinnis Cover
She had blonde hair and black sheets and everything.
All that a good girl should have. But someone decided she was getting too big for her lace unmentionables and put her out of business. Police Lt Al Wheeler investigates the sudden departure of a lovely sinner and is nearly dispatched himself. By a riotous joker with a very funny fetish for murder.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
Numbered Series #134 (1967)

New American Library
Signet Books 
D3107 (October 1966)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ladies Of The Dark by Alexander Bolton

A high-voltage tale of famous female spies.
Their loves, their lives, and their daring exploits.

Bob Maguire Covert
Some were women who prized adventure and excitement above personal safety. Some were super-patriots willing to sacrifice themselves because of their devotion to country. Others became spies because of love. But they all had much i common. They were fearless, resourceful and more than willing to sell their bodies for enemy secrets. 

Mata Hari, Belle Boyd, Delilah, Micheline Carre, Nancy Wake, and Louise de Keroualle.
These are the Ladies Of The Dark. Women who could wage a battle of wits or battle of the sexes, depending on circumstance.

Soldiers without uniforms, they played the hazardous game of espionage, asking no quarter and giving none, certainly only that their ultimate reward. If caught, would mean death.

Printing History
Written by Alexander Bolton

Monarch Books
December 1961
Cover by Bob Maguire