Friday, October 8, 2010

Fraulein Spy Nick Carter Killmaster #5

The fifth installment of the Nick Carter Killmaster series is titled Fraulein Spy. Fraulein Spy was written by Valerie Moolman. Nick Carter is on the trail of Judas who first appeared in the first Killmaster adventure: Run, Spy, Run. Nick poses as an investigative journalist for a West German tabloid newspaper, he tracks Judas to Buenos Aires, Argentina. where he is living among the expatriate German community under the alias Hugo Bronson. An informant at his home reveals that Bronson is actually Martin Bormann, one of Adolf Hitler's closest aides. The informant is shot dead by a sniper before the the whereabouts can be passed along. Nick discovers a plot to kidnap five renowned German scientists living overseas from clues at Bronson's house in West Berlin. Communist China is financing the operation led by CLAW, an operation to kidnap the scientists and transport them to China. Four of the scientists are missing; the fifth, Dr Mark Gerber, a naturalized American, has been persuaded by his attractive secretary (Elena Darby) to join her on a round-the-world trip. In the end Judas escapes and the good guys win.

Various covers through out the series. There are a few errors as with the stated printings not corresponding to the correct cover. It was common practice to reuse book numbers with each new printing.

The following are the UK editions. These were published by Digit and Tandem Books.


  1. Argentinean cover:

  2. Love your site. How were you able to determine who the real writers were on this series? Some of the books were so well written and evocative, I wish I could follow other works from that author.

  3. Hi Tony
    Thanks for visiting and the comment. I have two sources, one was an article written by Will Murray that appeared in The Armchair Detective magazine (Volume 15 Number 4)published in 1982. The other was a book by Bradley Mengal, Serial Vigilantes of Paperback Fiction published in 2009. I believe the info in 95% accurate.

  4. good entertainment series nick carter