Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lady Sativa by Frank Lauria

DR. Owen Orient, Psychic Detective, On a Nightmare Journey Through A World Beyond.....

The Doctor
Scientist, psychiatrist, psychic researcher

The Mystic
Master of the occult, telepath extraordinaire

The Man
A victim of the werewolf's disease, on a desperate search for a murderer, for salvation, and a cure. He followed a dark and blood stained path. Through the sexual rites and mysteries of forbidden Tantric Yoga. Through the violence ridden seances of seeress Sybelle Lean. Through the mystical meetings of a club called See and into the bewitching arms of Lady Sativa.

Angel of Darkness, 
Mistress of the Moon

Printing History
Written by Frank Lauria 
copyright 1973

Ballantine Books
345 27328
February 1979

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Corpse (Revised) by Carter Brown

25 Million Special edition

NA Series #24
Here is the Australian copy of the Corpse as Carter Brown's 25 million book sales.

Other Editions

Horwitz Publications
as Death On The Downbeat
Numbered Series #57 (1958)

As The Corpse
Long Story Magazine #13 (Aug 1960)

International Edition #62 (1969)
New American Library
Signet Books
1st Printing #1606 (Dec 1958)
Barye Phillips Cover
3rd Printing #2714 (1965)
Robert McGinnis Cover

 4th Printing #6468 (1975)

New English Library
Four Square Books
#884 (1963)

#1619 (Aug 1966)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chessmaster by Robert Randisi

A game of death where the only clue is a chess piece.
And it's the red queen!

George Gross Cover
The name of the game was chess. And  Nick carter "Killmaster N3" had exactly twenty seven days to become a master at it. The Chessmaster, Alex Belnikov, the new Soviet champion, who held vital  information that could cripple Russia. It was a mere token of gratitude for asylum in the United States. Switzerland, the location of the world tournament of champions and the site of a bloody battle of wits. Pitting Nick Carter against a diabolical enemy in a sinister game were there are no rules. Only certain death for the loser.

Printing History
Written by Robert Randisi

Charter Books
(January 1982)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This Way For A Shroud by James Hadley Chase

"Miss Arnot is in the swimming pool....minus her head.."

Beverley LeBarrow Cover
The brutal murder of June Arnot, famous screen actress, and the massacre of all her servants is just the curtain raiser. The District Attorney suspects that June Arnot was the mistress of Jack Maurer, boss of a billion dollars worth of rackets. For fifteen years he has been trying to bring Maurer to trial. Is this the opportunity he has been waiting for? His case depends on one terrified and unwilling eye witness. But can she survive Maurer's vengeance and be persuaded to talk?

Printing History

Robert Hale Ltd (1953)

Granada Publishing Limited (1965)
Panther Books 586 02836
1965, 1967, 1969, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1978

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Widow Bewitched by Carter Brown

Sometimes a villain, sometimes a hero, always the great lover and never a dull moment.

That is the essence of Rafael Vega, or otherwise known as the Black Death! Perhaps that is because he is the Chief of Secret Police or because he believes the shortest distance between two points is a bullet. It is because of few of those bullets that he now owns an America Thunderbird, which assists him greatly in matters of love and war. He works for the Great One, El Presidente, the runt, and he wishes him to investigate the widow of one of the country's greatest reformers. Unfortunately, that reformer met with a rather bad accident, and is with the living no more. His beautiful widow claims his spirit lives on, which does not please the Great one. During the first seance,he witnessed, his bad the General get murdered. At the next seance he was named the murder. He felt he did not live up to his name, the Black Death, so he killed a few of his enemies and ran off with the beautiful American girl, with the firing squad hot on the wheels of the Thunderbird.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
Numbered Series #60 (March 1958)
Reprinted By Demand Series #16 (January 1960)

The Black Death, Rafael Vega, made one other appearance. He appeared in Murder Wears A Mantilla (1957) with Mavis Seidlitz as a secondary character.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Parisian Affair by H. Edward Hunsburger

One more assassination could launch a global war!

George Gross Cover
When four Third World diplomats are quietly assassinated, Nick Carter's assignment is to stop future killings. But the trouble is that there are almost no clues, and Nick's only lead is brutally murdered. But then Nick meets three of Paris' most stunning models, and discovers that one is moonlighting as a cold blooded killer. And in just two days a group of diplomats is scheduled to attend an oil summit meeting in Paris. If Nick Carter does not stop the killer and the major power behind her, another assassination will ignite a war that could easily turn into a global disaster!

Printing History
Written by H. Edward Hunsburger (1947-2011)

Charter Books
December 1981

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Body For Christmas by Richard Reinsmith

His client received a holiday gift that was gorgeous, nude, and dead!

A Body For Christmas
With joyous carols still echoing in his ears, Ray Martin finds himself before the twinkling Christmas tree of Cedric Fraser, a wealthy clothing manufacturer. Someone has left Fraser a rather unique gift, the nude body of a very dead girl. Ray is hired to solve the mystery and protect Fraser's future. Suddenly, the holiday season turns violent. Ray Martin finds himself dodging chairs, bottle, drugs, nympho teen-age models, and finally bullets. And he manages to escape only a few. 

Ray Martin is in the business of keeping people alive. The money is good, the hours stink, and the risks are high. He learns more about the private lives of his clients than their husbands and lovers know. Sometimes, to save a life, he has to take one. That is what he's paid for. Those are they rules of the game.

Printing History
Written by Richard Reinsmith

Dorchester Publishing Company, Inc
Leisure Books
8439 2071
January 1984

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Corpse For Christmas (II) by Carter Brown

Al Wheeler finds hot tempers, hot chicks, and one warm corpse

UK Photo Cover
Christmas stockings? Filled with goodies?
Depends on what kind. Al Wheeler doesn't need the holiday bit to wish for the well-filled stocking. He's in favor of lovely legs, and there on up, nicely stacked, at any month of the twelve month year. (Thirteen if you count Leap Year). "Excelsior!" says Al, which is not the only stuff they pack around the Christmas crockery. Al rises to that battle cry when he meets Maggie, the gal with the wild grey streak in her hair, the wild black and white disappearing dress, the wild recklessness of propriety, held together by only a drawstring.

Printing History (Revised)

Horwitz Publications Inc.
Numbered Series #126 (1965)
Titled A Corpse For Xmas

New American Library
Signet Books
D2683 (May 1965)
Q6153 (1974)
New English Library
Four Square Books
#1673 (December 1966)

This title was originally posted on December 24th 2010.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nick Carter, Detective by Robert Clurman

 Fiction's Most Celebrated Detective
Five Astonishing Adventures

Cover by Ancona
Who was Nick Carter, Detective?
He was a master of disguise. Sometimes he made himself up exactly like the man he was pursuing and drove his quarry crazy.  He could lip read at least three different languages, fell a man, or ox, with a single blow. Wrestle , fence, or box better than any professional. And always in his pocket were two revolvers, a pair of handcuffs, assorted burglary tools, and skeleton keys that would open any lock.

Printing History

Copyright 1963 by Robert Clurman

The Macmillan Company

Dell Publishing Company
#6360 (October 1965)

Stories included:
The Counterfeiter's Gold Tooth
or Nick Carter's Crooked Correspondent 

Nick Carter's Mysterious Case
or The Road-House Tragedy
Nick Carter's Beautiful Decoy
or The Diamond Duke of Chicago

Nick Carter's Enemy
or Bringing a Murderer to the Gallows

Nick Carter And The Professor 
or Solving a Scientific Problem

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ten Grand Tallulah and Temptation by Carter Brown

"Stick around me boy and I'll have you up to your neck in folding stuff."
Anybody want to buy a folding rope?

Johnny Spade, gambler by nature, busted cop by profession. Present occupation? Headed for skid row on greased boots, until he slid up against Ten Grand Talluluh. She was dynamite in a gown fitted like a rubber mould. A fortune in hard cash and his markers back, she wanted Johnny to locate 100 grand's worth of hot diamonds. And so he became Johnny Diamond, ex con, fresh out of Sing Sing on a 7 year stretch. The hometown boys were just crazy to help him, but maybe they had not heard that blunt instruments went out with flat chested floozies on his head, he was a natural for the headshrinker, until they called the hearse.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #45 (1957)
Second Collectors' Series Volume 2 #1 (1959)

Revised as The Scarlet Flush
Character changed to Mike Farrell

Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #113 1963
International Edition Series #44 1964

New American Library
Signet Books
G2365 October 1963
T5276 1972

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coriolanus, The Chariot! by Alan Yates

We are such stuff as dreams are made on....

Cover by Alex Ebel
The Prophet
On the planet Thesbos, the World of Shakespeare is Law. Through the mystery of his Works, embodied in his living Arcana, the power of illusion holds the eyes, and the mind, of the entire galaxy in thrall. At the center of this web of dreams within a dream lie the Council of Five. They have given up their very selves to become the Major Arcana, to possess power beyond the dreams of groundlings. But the latest object of their sadistic whimsy may face them with a rude awakening. If he can survive his trial through the mazes of the flesh to become

Coriolanus, The Chariot!

Printing History
Written by Alan G Yates

Ace Books
441 11739
July 1978

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Corpse For A Candidate by Michael Geller

She was beautiful, famous, and running for Mayor.
And somebody wanted her dead.

Murder On The Ballot
When New York's Mayor Bradley withdrew his bid for re-election, it left the field wide open for Amanda Mellis, beautiful and intelligent Cultural Affairs Commissioner, and the opponent Fullerton Mack, charismatic leader of the black community. It was a go for the jugular campaign and the outcome was anybody's guess. Then Amanda was found shot to death and Lieutenant Bud Dugan and the detectives of the Priority Unit were called into action to find the murderer before the lid blew off the racially divided city. Bud Dugan soon discovered that in the world of politics, every statement has at least two meanings, and every back is a target for a knife, or a bullet.

Printing History
Written by Michael Geller

Dorchester Publishing Co
Leisure Books
ISBN 8439 5007

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cauldron Of Hell by Mike Jahn

A fallen meteor sets off a deadly international race to get the precious metal in its core!

George Gross Cover

To Hell and Back
The Mukhino tribesman refer to it as the cauldron of hell. and it's the site of Nick Carter's next mission.

The Location: The highly inaccessible Amur River section of Chinese Manchuria, the border between China and Russia, and the site of a large crater made by a recent meteorite fall.

The Mission: Get into the meteorite's core and bring back Lidanium, an element highly absorbent of radioactivity and both powerful and priceless to its possessor.

And the race is on, but suddenly trusted friends become deadly enemies as Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" discovers the race has been fixed and he can not possibly win, or escape!

Printing History
Written by Mike Jahn

Charter Books
441 09274
November 1981

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Bandini Affair by Milton Bass

Benny Freedman

Half-Jewish, half-Irish, Benny Freedman is not everyman's image of a cop. A poetry-reading-martial-arts disciple with a great appreciation for beautiful languages and beautiful women. Benny has a spacial gift for finding and fighting trouble in California's fast lane. It's not easy, but being hard is another one of those things Benny does very well.....

Blood Money
Somebody wanted to bleed Benny Freedman white with fear. Enough fear to give the Mob back money that he had inherited and that they figured was theirs. They started with a bullet through Benny's arm. Then they aimed lower, at a far more sensitive target. But they didn't make Benny afraid. They only made him mad enough to give the masters of terror a stomach full of their own deadly medicine. As we waded into the underworld swamp of steamy sex and savage slaughter where you had to be crazy as a fox to survive.

Printing History
Written by Milton Bass (1923-2014)

New American Library
Signet Books
451 14804 (May 1987)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Venus Unarmed by Carter Brown

Venus Unarmed

Rex Dark called her "Venus" for the same reasons other guys would. And she had a couple of things De Milo's Venus hadn't. Arms. It was nice work if one could get it and Rex had it. A luxury suite in the Starlight Hotel and nothing to do all day but watch his Venus in a bikini, swimming in a private pool. But a private eye who had the largest client Rex can ever get, has got to work some time. And that was when the trouble started. Rex was double-crossing Venus, she was double-crossing him, and the guy who owned her suite in the Starlight Hotel. Rex was double-crossing him and he was double-crossing.....The bullets were real enough.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
Novel Series (1954)
Numbered Series #37 (1957)
Reprinted By Demand Series #18 (1960)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pleasure Island by Robert Randisi

The game is assassination and Nick Carter is the target!

George Gross Cover
Island Of Pleasure
The assignment would be simple. Act as backup man to two agents. This would give Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" time to recover from extensive injuries received on a recent mission. But suddenly there is no time, because the bullets start flying and Nick receives a warning note. He is a marked man, wanted by two assassins. One to carry out a personal vendetta, and the other to rid the field of its top agent, Nick Carter!

Printing History
Written by Robert Randisi

Charter Books
441 67081
October 1981

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Corpse (UK) by Carter Brown

Four Square Edition

New English Library Ltd
Four Square Books
#884 (1963)

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Back In The Real World by Marvin Albert

Starring Pete Sawyer in a stylish mystery of high fashion and the lowest of crimes....

When Pete drops by his friend Frank Crowley's house one evening, neither Crowley nor his wife Nathalie is home. instead, he finds two dead bodies, and he recognizes them both. One is a rival private eye. The other is Nathalie's gorgeous sister in-law, Anna-Marie. Both naked with bullet holes in their heads. Where the two having an affair? Is there a connection between the two murders and the recent goings on at the prestigious couture house where Ann-Marie was a star designer? Pete must keeps his wits about him and his gun in hand to solve this stylish mystery and keep his friend Crowley out of jail.

Printing History

Fawcett Gold Medal Books
449 12917
December 1986

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Strontium Code by David Hagberg

A cargo of contamination headed for U.S. shores!

George Gross Cover
Securing the beta canister with its contents without upsetting OPEC's delicate balance is near routine challenge for Nick Carter "Killmaster N3". Until he learns that its deadly cargo is playing a crucial role in a vast and sinister Soviet scheme.

The contents: Fatally radioactive Strontium 90. Which can reduce human flesh to raw meat and promises a hideous and painful death!

The location: Aboard a Japanese tanker heading for California and the nation's largest oil refinery!

The clincher: The distinct possibility that Nick Carter himself has already been contaminated!

Printing History
Written by David Hagberg

Charter Books
September 1981

Friday, December 9, 2011

Long Story Magazine #19 by Carter Brown

Lament for a Lousy Lover

an astrologer's forecast spells death for the star of a TV Western.

A man-hungry heroine and a cast of potential killers on location for a spectacular TV Western made Pine City police officer Lieutenant Al Wheeler's horoscope highly dangerous! Taking his cue from the corpse who's been robbed of a fabulous diamond ring, the tough free-wheeling cop tries to shake the clues of wacky blonde bombshell Mavis Seidlitz and trap a desperate murderer, in the most sensational case of his career. 

Printing History

Horwitz Publications, Inc
Long Story Magazine #19
February 1961

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dead Weight by Frank Kane

A Johnny Liddell Mystery

Everyone was threatening Johnny Liddell, even his girl, plus the cops, until he came up with a new twist to trap a killer. It was so good he fooled everyone , even himself. 

"Get in my way and I'll stomp you flat." The boss of the Chinese Heaven told Johhny.

"You'll tell me what I wanted to know sooner or later." The gunman slapped the barrel of his gun across Johnny's cheek.

"You asked for it, We'll see how tough you are." The mobster's hand showed a switch-blade.

Printing History
Copyright 1951 by Frank Kane

Dell Publishing Company
#1720 (August 1962)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Secret Mission: Morocco by Don Smith

Assignment No. 4
Phil Sherman must stop mystery murders of U.S. agents. 
Prime suspect a bizarre duplication of James Bond's Goldfinger, has already robbed Fort Knox.

The conspiracy involved all the gold in Fort Knox and a diabolical blueprint for the murder of U.S. agents.

The criminals included a sex-driven sadist, a tycoon with a strange and incurable disease, and  a gignatic Arab bought as a slave.

The chase began in a sinister dungeon deep within the bowels of the earth. And reached a climax aboard a billionaires floating pleasure palace.

If they had not killed his girl, Phil Sherman might never have accepted the assignment. But her death, sudden, painful, macabre, left him no choice. And once on the case, once Sherman set out to sabotage a worldwide cataclysm, he found himself confronting  plot so fanatic, so cleverly forged, that even after he slashed away at the truth, no one would believe him!

Printing History
Written Don Smith (1909-1978)

Award Books
A393X 1968

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Solar Menace by Robert E Vardeman

The U.S. space shuttle is being sabotaged.
To protect a diabolical new Soviet weapon!

George Gross Cover

Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" is taking a break from the spy game with a luscious woman under the warm Florida sun. But before long that very sun takes on a sinister quality, Since the Russians have found a way to harness and direct its terrible power. First Chinese military posts are struck. Then vital U.S. communication centers. Finally, when a NASA project collapses, Nick begins his desperate mission, taking him into the heart of Soviet Russia, and inevitably, into the arms of the beautiful Martina Dubronik, a U.S. deep cover agent. A bizarre battle with Cossacks and a confrontation in earth's near orbit hurtle Nick Carter and the fate of U.S. security, into a thrilling climax.

Printing History
Written by Robert E Vardeman

Charter Books
441 77413
August 1981

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Donavan by Carter Brown

The sensational crime fighter who only surrenders to sex....

Signet Photo Cover

Gunning For Action

When a voluptuous brunette beauty named Moira came begging for help. Paul Donavan figured he was onto a good thing. But when someone started taking shots at him every time he was with her. Paul began to wonder if Moira was worth it.

Horwitz Photo Cover
For Moira spelled death and the corpses were piling up at Donavan's feet. Moira meant paid assassins who had killed her brother and were ready to set their sights on Paul Donavan if the price was right.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc
Numbered Series #173 (1974)
ISBN 7255 0246

New American Library
Signet Books
Q6033 (August 1974)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Murderers' Row by Donald Hamilton

Matt Helm
Mission 5
Murderers' Row

The department is gravely concerned about Matt Helm. He is on a brutal mission, it's true, but his own callousness seems to have reached a point of absolute savagery. He has apparently murdered a U.S. agent.

Helm is on or near Chesapeake Bay. He is armed and dangerous, and must be located, kept under surveillance, and possibly even removed from active service....

Printing History
Copyright 1962

Fawcett Gold Metal Books
k1391  ($0.40)
449-14088 24th Printing ($1.95)

Ballantine Books
449-14088 February 1984 ($1.95)
449-13274 November 1987 ($2.95)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Operation Checkmate by Dan J. Marlowe

He wasn't a good man, he wasn't a bad man, 
but his name was Earl Drake and that was the difference

When Hazel, Drake's gorgeous redhead, told him she was going to accompany the lovely Chen Yi all the way to Taiwan for the reading of the will, the journey seemed innocent enough. Drake figured he would go along for the ride. Some ride. Before it even started, a ghastly triple murder involving high-ranking Chinese and American diplomats explodes onto the front pages.He did not know the killings concerned him. Not then, but he was to find out soon enough.

Printing History

Copyright 1972 by Fawcett Publications Inc.

Coronet Books, Hodder Paperbacks Ltd.

ISBN 340 17418
 Second Impression 1973

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Dubrovnik Massacre by Henry Rasof and Steve Williamson

Nick Carter is plunged into a desperate mission by Marshall Tito's deathbed behest!

George Gross Cover
When Tito discovered a plot to sabotage Yugoslav autonomy, his only possible confident was his oldest enemy, Dusan Ankavic the dissident. And the only person Ankavic can turn to now that Tito is dead is Nick carter. But when Ankavic meets with an "accident" on his way to the rendezvous, Nick is stuck with the dissident's beautiful daughter Katrina. Between them they cross the mountains to Dubrovnik, braving the fanatical Blood of Croatia fighters and OZNA, the secret police. Nick's mission is to find and destroy the spurious documents being used to undermine the Yugoslav government. Before the Soviet block swallows up another nations!

Printing History
Written by Henry Rasof and Steve Williamson

Charter Books
441 17014
July 1981