Monday, December 14, 2020

Murder In Shinbone Alley by Helen Reilly

Murder In Shinbone Alley 
by Helen Reilly
Nobody cried at the beautiful model's funeral. 
Too many people had good reasons for wanting her dead

She was beautiful, bored and bound for trouble. She had had too much time on her hands, too much money, a passion for collecting men and no scruples at all about how she got them. Many people hated her, and one of them proved it by shoving her off a 14th floor terrace. The killer had struck in a sudden uncontrollably rage, but now he could see the trail of evidence he had left behind. So began a race between the police, confused by too many suspects, and a murdered who had nothing to lose by killing again.

Printing History
Written by Helen Kieran (1891-1962)

1st Printing June 1964
2nd Printing May 1968