Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The beginning of ........

It should be pointed out that I began reading Carter Brown a full year before even starting to read a Nick Carter. The season being that I found numerous used book stores that sold the Carter Browns. With no job as of yet for a teenager, money was through an allowance from my parents. I got my first job in March of 1981 with a local grocery store that my mother worked at. With some money I set out to the local book store/dime store.  The store did not carry any Carter Browns but did carry Nick Carters. So I started reading and collect through the past 30 years expanding to read other authors as well. Today, my collections is over 1000 titles and growing. I have expanded my reach into the foreign editions of each author. I have about 150 Australian Carter Brown titles and the same amount of United Kingdom Nick Carters as well as a few others from other countries. Thanks for stopping by.

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