Friday, December 20, 2013

My Laugh Comes Last by James Hadley Chase

Farrell Brannigan, President of the National Californian Bank, is an extremely successful man. So when he builds another bank in an up-and-coming town on the Pacific coast, he is given worldwide publicity, and this new bank is hailed as 'the safest bank in the world'. But Brannigan's success came at a price and he made many enemies on his way up the ladder. It seems that one of them is now set on revenge and determined to destroy both the bank and Brannigan himself.

Printing History
Written by René Lodge Brabazon Raymond (1906-1985)

copyright 1977

Robert Hale 1977
Corgi 1978


  1. Scott - What I find interesting here is the differences among the covers. They're really quite distinct.

  2. I agree, I would have picked up the bottom Corgi release without a second glance.