Monday, November 3, 2014

USA Fiction Challenge: Nevada

Today is the day to pick up our pace in the 2014 USA Fiction Challenge. 
We will highlight a mystery from the state of Nevada.

Walk A Crooked Mile
by Catherine Dain

Hired by her own mother to track down her errant father, Freddie O'Neal tails her dad's biker bodies and unearths murder, deceit, and deadly secrets along the way. 

The story begins when Freddie's mother hires her to find the father who left them 16 years ago. Her search leads her to new friends and old murders. while evoking a wonderful sense of place throughout, from the comfortable, hometown ambiance of Reno to the glitzy cheapness of Las Vegas to the seemingly endless, barren beauty of the desert. The relationship between untidy, irreverent Freddie and her precise, style-conscious mother is well drawn with the conflicts and the love.

Printing History
Written by Catherine Dain

Jove Books
ISBN 515 11310

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