Monday, January 12, 2015

USA Fiction Challenge: Oregon

We are rolling along in the USA Fiction Challenge. As we near the end of this one of a kind event, we will be visiting some exciting locales. The next stop is state of Oregon with J.A. Jance's Failure To Appear

Failure To Appear
by J. A. Jance

J.P. Beaumont’s teenage daughter Kelly has run off and her tracks have led the sober but struggling cop to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. But in addition to one very headstrong offspring, there is something else waiting for Beau. A case of coldblooded murder. The victim is an acquaintance, a sleazy rival private investigator brutally butchered, supposedly by the Festival’s current young Juliet, though Beau has his doubts. But the Second Act is about to open with a second corpse and a touch of kiddie porn, leaving Beau center stage in a heart-stopping tragedy of revenge, deception, and death.

Printing History
Written by Judith Ann Jance (1944- )

William Morrow and Company, Inc
copyright 1993
April 1997
March 2009

The Hearst Corporation
Avon Books, Inc
ISBN 380 75839
September 1994

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  1. I read this recently - it gave me fond memories of visiting Oregon and the theatre festival in the book....