Monday, February 16, 2015

Enter The Saint by Leslie Charteris

A collection of three interconnected adventure novellas

The Man Who Was Clever: Simon Templar seeks to bring a drug smuggler to justice. In this story, Templar is shown in the process of establishing his reputation as a crime buster working with a team of mysterious individuals 

The Policeman with Wings: A direct follow-up to the above, this story shows Templar's reputation continuing to grow as he and his compatriot Roger Conway investigate two kidnappings connected to a bag of stolen diamonds.

The Lawless Lady: Templar appears only briefly in this story which focuses on one of his agents, Dicky Tremaine, who infiltrates a crime ring intent on some seaside larceny, only to fall in love with its female leader.

Printing History
Written by Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin (1907-1993)

  Hodder and Stoughton
October 1930

Doubleday's The Crime Club
April 1931


  1. For soe reason, there's something about that first cover, with the stick figure, that I like..

  2. This is another set of early novellas that I have not read. I will have to look for this too.