Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Hole In The Ground by Andrew Garve

 A leftwing MP man who fought being a coward by performing difficult physical feats then one day he invites one of his young constituents to explore a deep underground cave near his home. The consequences of this expedition were literally life and death, as this exploration leads to tragedy, which the MP tries to cover up.

Lawrence Quilter, a man in a position of power, finds some interesting records amongst his great grandfather's papers. This leads him to uncover a labyrinth of secret underground caves that have been hidden for decades. Julie, his wife, knows that her husband is an obsessive man with a quirky personality but she stands by him all the same. That is until her husband's behavior becomes increasingly worrying and she is forces to reconsider the man she has married. One moment brings about a tragic chain of events which affects both Lawrence and his wife.

Printing History
Written by Paul Winterton (1908-2001)

Harper Collins

Pan Books
June 1955


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