Monday, September 14, 2015

5th Anniversary

Today marks this blogs 5th anniversary 

This year, instead of rehashing the two book titles that got me started enjoying reading mysteries and spy stories. I will highlight the introduction of the characters of my favorite author, Mr Carter Brown. He brought into the world numerous characters with his stories and novelettes. He would settle on a handful of reoccurring characters, seven to be exact. His most famous would be Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler, in which he would appear from 1955 until 1984.
Al Wheeler (1955-1984)
Police Lieutenant in Pine City California

Danny Boyd (1957-1984)
New York City Private Eye that moves to California later in the series

Rick Holman (1961-1984)
Hollywood Trouble Shooter

Mavis Seidlitz (1955-1974)
 Blonde private investigator with Gracie Allen tendencies

 Randal Robert (1971-1976)

Paul Donovan (1974-1979)
Millionaire Adventurer 

Larry Baker (1955-1975)
TV Gag Writer with his partner Boris Sivka

Off to another year


  1. Hi, I wondered if you could tell me if there are any Carter Brown ebooks available. I'm just starting to read him, and am having trouble finding any. Everything seems to be out of print. And though I love the various cover treatments his books have received over the years, trying to pick them up second-hand at this point seems a bit pricey. I'd just like to get a couple under my belt and see if I like his work--any suggestions?

  2. Congratulations on five years, Scott. Thanks for highlighting Carter Brown's protagonists.