Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Pace That Kills by William Fuller

She was a tramp
Easy to take and easy to make
Then she fell in love

Cover by Tom Miller
The living was hard and the loving was easy

There was Harry's place.....
It was a dump, but the food was good. And there was sort of an evil charm about the place, way the hell out o the edge of nowhere

Then there were three women at Harry's place.....
Mary had everything, but wound up with only the memory one wild night.
Marge lived because she had too, and drank because she lived.
June had nothing but a sex filled past, and a sinful, future

There was a kid at Harry's place.....
A kid whose gun would make all of them be what they had never been before, and would never be again.

Cover by Mitchell Hooks
Print History
Written by William Fuller (1913-)

Dell Books
March 1960

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