Monday, December 28, 2015

Passport To Danger by Jessyca Paull

Terror prowls the streets of Paris, pursuing her everywhere, as she plunges into the nightmare of being mistaken for a spy

Tracy stared at the words. Where did the newspaper get that story? That cold report on her own murder in a dingy Paris hotel?

At first, Tracy Larrimore was too stunned to be frightened. Terror came slowly, with chilling, deliberate precision...

When she learned that her passport was found in the mysterious corpse's rigid hands - making it impossible for Tracy to prove who she was...

When the whispering voice demanded her return to America - offering a small fortune if she obeyed......

When the woman with the veil kidnapped her in broad daylight, her gun pointed straight at Tracy's head.

Nerve-chilling terror came slowly but relentlessly as Tracy became entanglesd in the intrigue of vicious espionage. With a ruthless enemy who wanted her dead for a sinister secret she did not realize she possessed... and her only ally a tall, young stranger she loved, but knew she could not trust.

Printing History
 Written by Julia Perceval and Rosaylmer Burger

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp 
Award Books
#303  (1968)
#1250 (1973)

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