Thursday, December 22, 2016

Death Of A Citizen by Donald Hamilton

 My contribution for the month of December for the Crimes Of The Century over at Past Offences will the first Matt Helm adventure, Death Of A Citizen. Rich hosts this monthly event  that features a different year in which us bloggers contributes a post about crime fiction book, film, TV, comics, or a short story. This month we are in 1960.

Death Of A Citizen
by Donald Hamilton

When danger strikes, who is the man to take control? 
Matt Helm!

Name: Matthew Helm
Code Name: Eric

A citizen dies and a wartime special agent is reborn, as the girl with the code name of Tina walks into a cocktail party and 15 years of Matt Helm's complacent post-war life slips away. Suddenly the old automatics reactions take over and Matt is thrust back to the time when he had been a lethal young animal trained to kill. And she had been his partner.

After the war. After the carnage. After being labeled a lethal weapon. It was time for a little peace and quiet. Married life agrees with him.

Cover by John McDermott
  Printing History
written by Donald Hamilton (1916-2006)

Fawcett Gold Medal World Library
February 1960

Ballantine Books
November 1984
March 1988

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  1. I have wanted to try this series. I got a few at the last big book sale I went to. I will have to look for this one.