Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Journey Towards Doom by James Gant

Untold Stories Of A War Correspondent

With five men and two women in the lifeboat there was no room for a murderer....
After that night of flames and horror, there were seven of them left in the lifeboat. The Kents, who had hated one another for twenty years. Janice Ballinger, beautiful, courageous and enigmatic, escaping from blackmail and fear into horror and death. Stratton, one of the three men who knew Janice Ballinger for what she really was. Frank Green, the steward, knew Janice, too. And so did Bob Clark. Then there was the seventh man, the man who would murder, silently, in the night. When all were sleeping.

Printing History
Written by James Gant

Horwtiz Publication, Inc
No 13
April 1958

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