Sunday, September 24, 2017

Bloodtide by Robert Kalish

Murder Off The Maine Coast Plunges Skipper Gould Into The Hot Waters Of Atomic Espionage

His Fighting Instincts Kept Him Alive In 'Nam. Now He Needs Them Again For Another Deadly Mission...At Home.
The woman with the despair in her eyes wanted Skipper Gould to find her husband. He had taken his lobster boat out to sea one chill Maine morning and disappeared. No boat. No body. No trace. Skip[per was the editor of a small town newspaper, now. But the woman came to him because of what he had been. A Covert U.S. agent in Southeast Asia. A highly skilled fighter in the deadliest combat unit America had ever trained. Skipper's instincts warned him that his search for the missing fisherman was sweeping him towards a giant maelstrom of evil and violence. An international conspiracy swirling around a nuclear power plant on a quiet Maine cove. A massive anitnuke protest march, and a beautiful organizer whose luscious body could stop traffic. Whose secrets could stop Skipper...dead.

Printing History
Written by Robert Kalish

Avon Books
ISBN 380-89521
February 1985

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