Friday, February 16, 2018

Soft In The Middle by Michael Storey

The Ultimate Spy Caper!

Michael Dove, superstud, down on his luck mystery writer who likes sex and sadism mixed with reality, has gotten into something big. A tempting twenty year old has turned up naked in his bathtub with an offer he finds hard to refuse. If he protects her while she blackmails her husband for a million, Dove with get a piece of the money, too. It all looks good, until he is almost killed by a car and two powerful espionage forces try to slice him to ribbons. Then Dove realizes he's smack in the center of a bone chilling intrigue, and suddenly finds himself going.....

Soft In The Middle

Printing History
written by Michael Storey

Alfred A Knopf, Inc
May 1972

Dell Publishing Company
May 1975

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