Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Kill Me In Yoshiwara by Earl Norman

Burns Bannion On The Loose In The Vice Corner Of Tokyo

Burns Bannion In Yoshiwara
Burns Bannion is back on another assignment: the fleshpots of Yoshiwara, the age old home of prostitution in the middle of Tokyo........The young and voluptuous Hiroko puts Bannion on the tracks of her older sister, who has been savagely beaten to death by Bannion's own weapon.

Karate, the deadly method of Japanese fighting in which the human hand can be as lethal as a knife blade. Before he's finished in Yoshiwara, Bannion has more corpses lying around than one would care to count.

Printing History
Written by Norman Thompson (1915-2000)

Berkley Medallion Books 
February 1961

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  1. I have all the books, along with Hang Me In Hong Kong. I was introduced to the series while stationed with the Army in the East. Visit my Blog here http://pulpden.blogspot.com