Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Kiss The Boys And Make Them Die by James Yardley

Introducing Kiss Darling, 
the super girl with the wow IQ, 
a dynamite body, 
and a wild weakness for danger

"A bird? A superbomb? No, it's Supergirl!

To her womanizing boss, Kiss Darling is a budding young beauty ripe for the picking. To her army of hopeful seducers, she's a promise of sexual paradise worth any entry fee. To all men everywhere, she's an erotic dream come true.

Little do these male chauvinists suspect that beneath that luscious exterior lie nerves of steel, a mind quicker than a thousand computers, and the ability to do anything--well, almost anything--a man can do, and better.

When Kiss Darling swings into red-hot action and uninhibited adventure, she puts the boys to shame...

 Printing History
Written by James Yardley

Micheal Josephs  
April 1970

New American Library
Signet Books
October 1970

Pan Books

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