Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Thrills Incorporated #11

Thrills Incorporated #11
Adventures In Space and The World Of Tomorrow

Fugitive From The Flame World
by Paul Valdez (Alan G Yates 1923-1985)
A tough assignment put Rod out of the fire and into a frying pan, though his discovery of a treachery was too late to help anyone.

Martian Men
by Rick Hart (Durham Keys Garton 1925-?)
They fought for people's amusement, and then for lust and blood, the horned giants from Red Mars. From the lights of the sports arean to the steaming jungles came the same roar of anger in battle.

A Gift From Gorla
by Ace Carter (Gordon Clive Bleeck 1907 -1971)
One after another Earth's leaders were blown to atomic dust, and science could not find the answer. The Space Spy broke the mystery in a rush of death and deviltry.

Mota's Travel
by Roy Kendall
They sought friends on other planets. They found grim silence, foul clinging slime, green men and implacable hatred.

by G. C. Bleeck (Gordon Clive Bleeck 1907 -1971)
Even a trained space pilot can be afraid of the dark.....darkness which is strange, which he can not recognize........lost and alone with dead instruments.

Printing History
Associated General Publications Pty. Ltd
Edited Alister Innes
April 1951

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