Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Lineup by Frank Kane

Novel based upon the 1954-1960 CBS-TV series of the same name, starring Warner Anderson and Tom Tully
Cover by Victor Kalin
  Lieutenant Ben Guthrie and Inspector Matt Greb are investigating a robbery that has turned into a double homicide. Dead at the scene, a gambling den in Chinatown, are the operator of the house, killed in a blast of mustard gas, and a patrolman outside, hit by the getaway car. Guthrie and Greb, aided by associates within the department, begin a thorough search for clues. They soon discover the vehicle involved, but the owner and his wife, Sam and Em Walters, claim to know nothing about how it got out of the garage. Meanwhile, Sarge Kurtz convinces the other members of his mini-gang, Mike Newman and Doc Lawrence, that it’s not the time to leave town or lie low. So the robberies continue.

Printing History
Written by Frank Kane (1912-1968)

Dell Publishing Co
April 1959

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