Thursday, May 30, 2019

Final Notice by Jonathan Valin

Harry Stoner #2

She was perfect. She smelled of toothpaste, talc, and something sweeter than lilacs. And in that crazy season of autumn, when Cincinnati was ablaze in the blood-red color of fall, Kate Davis made Harry Stoner feel old, and a little in love too. But for Harry Stoner those were only two more reasons that Kate shouldn't have anything more to do with this case. Because what had started with a twisted act of vandalism in the local library had led Kate and Harry, paired together, on a twisting path to a brutal, unsolved murder and to a pumped-up, speeded-up psycho.

Printing History
Written by Jonathan Valin (1947- )

September 1980 Dodd Mead

Avon Books

November 1986

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