Monday, August 10, 2020

Law Of Lust by Bob Tralins

His Consuming Hunger For Thrills Of The Flesh Led To An Orgy Of Rape, Passion and Murder. For His Was The.......

Behind the cloak of respectability, lay a frenzy of untamed passions!
The blazing, white-hot glare of publicity lay bare the carnal desires and bestiality of of the town's most honored citizen. Here is the shocking expose of a depraved man, his lusts, his obscenities, his animal cravings, and the people around him. Shocked, bewildered, craven, yet powerless to stop him, for he was The Judge, honored, aloof, awesome, all powerful!!

Printing History
Written by Robert Tralins (1926-2010)

Tuxedo Books

Original Title
Caesar's Bench

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