Monday, September 14, 2020

10th Anniversary

Today is the 10th Anniversary of this blog. Thanks for all the visitors and comments that took the time to stop by. Hope to see more of you in the future. Thanks again. The first three books that gave me the idea for this blog. 

Negative In Blue (1973) by Carter Brown (Alan G Yates: 1922-1985)

Chinese Donavan (1976) by Carter Brown (Alan G Yates: 1922-1985)

Pleasure Island by (1981) by Nick Carter (Robert Randisi: 1951- )


  1. Happy Anniversary! Always enjoy your posts.

  2. Congratulations! I have been following your blog for close to 8 years now. How many Carter Brown and Nick Carter books do you have?

  3. Tracy, I have too many to count. :)

  4. Just came across mine this week -- I have three stacks of 'em.

  5. Thanks for the wealth of info your blog has given me towards my collection. Read many Carter Browns in the 70's as a teen, and began collecting in my retirement. Scored some great old Horwitz editions from a collection that a wonderful lady in the UK decided to sell from her husband who passed. Your site has been great for research..all the best!