Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Dr Quake by Warren Murphy

 Destroyer #5

Can Remo Williams save California from a geological disaster?

Cover by Hector Garrido

Forber isn't a mad scientist, he's a tectonic technician with a touch for terror who goes by the name Dr. Quake. California's touchy San Andreas Fault is in danger of being professionally provoked. But it's not Dr. Quake's fault, for someone has split with his earthquake machine. If this dastardly deviant doesn't get a million dollars in cold hard cash he is going to shake down Southern California for a whole lot more. Luckily, shakedowns and natural disasters are just what the doctor ordered for Remo Williams, Korean death master Chiun's trained killing machine, because when it comes to finding weapons of mass destruction, it takes one to find one. After the Destroyer sifts through the blackmail and terror it's the pompous perpetrator who won't be left standing.

Printing History

Written by Richard Sapir (1936-1987)

Warren Murphy (1933-2015)

Pinnacle Books

September 1972

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