Monday, March 22, 2021

Fraulein Spy by Valerie Moolman

Fraulein Spy
by Valerie Moolman

Sex, espionage, and sadism mark the deadly struggle against a master plan for world conquest.

The Spy Who Mixed Love and Duty
Nick Carter is on the trail of Judas, the master spy first encountered in Run, Spy, Run. Posing as an investigative journalist for a West German tabloid newspaper, Nick tracks Judas to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he is living among the expatriate German community under the alias Hugo Bronson. Nick Carter meets an informant at his home who reveals that Bronson is actually Martin Bormann, one of Adolf Hitler's closest aides and who was thought to have escaped from Germany at the end of World War II.

Printing History
Written by Valerie Moolman

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Conde Nast Publications, Inc
Award Books
1st Printing: October 1964 (A118)
2nd Printing: July 1965 (A118)
3rd Printing: April 1966 (A118)
4th Printing: August 1966 (A118)
5th Printing: 1970 (A624)
6th Printing 1971 (A937)
7th Printing 1972 (AN1101)
8th Printing 1974 (AN1101

Tandem Books
ISBN 426-3922
1969, 1970
ISBN 426-12650

Brown Watson Ltd
Digit House
1965, April 1966

Presses De La Cite (Paris)
#763 May 1966
Translated by Paul Grabette
Bussiera a Saint-Amand France

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