Saturday, May 8, 2021

Danger Key by Lew Louderback

Danger Key
by Lew Louderback

The CIA Man Had Bungled Badly
Ralph Benson had made the mistake of contacting his agents openly. He had been on the job too long, and liquor and loss of nerve had caused him to take some incredibly foolish chances. He had been fingered for execution by CLAW, the Chinese Communist secret organization that was smuggling its top agents into Florida under the cover of an influx of Cuban refugees. But Ralph Benson was already dead. A fatal connection with a beautiful woman in a white convertible had taken care of that. Now Nick Carter had been ordered to replace Benson. And Nick would have to go on being a human target named Ralph Benson, a fumbling, bumbling, has been operative, too drunk, sodden and scared to be able to protect himself!

Printing History
Written by Lew Louderback

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Conde Nast Publications, Inc
Award/Tandem Books
1st Printing (A183F) 1966
2nd Printing (A383X) 1968
3rd Printing (A491X) 1969
4th Printing (A491X)  1970
5th Printing (AN1177) 1973

First Tandem Printing 1968
Tandem Reprint (4260 7034 8) 1973

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