Saturday, June 12, 2021

Assignment: Israel by Manning Lee Stokes

Assignment: Israel
by Manning Lee Stokes

A Deranged Nazi Killer Out to Destroy the Mideast

He was known as "The Butcher" and he was a former Hitler henchman who was responsible for more murders than any other man alive. Depraved in mind and body, he hungered for men and women with the same insatiable appetite. He was hunted as a war criminal by the Israelis and he lusted for the chance to massacre his enemies. 

A captured Communist document gave the United States the whole story. But finding "The Butcher" and stopping him were something else. Plastic surgery made the first half of the problem impossible while the Arabs' hatred of the Jews choked off the second half. 

The United States was banking on Nick Carter and it supplied him with the most tantalizing helper, a beautiful Israeli agent named Sabra. Sabra had the body of a goddess and the heart of an efficient killing machine. For "The Butcher" a Middle-East holocaust would be a personal victory, but the rest of the world it held a greater meaning. For the Chinese had already started the world towards WW III.

Printing History
Written by Manning Lee Stokes (1911-1976)

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Award Books
1st Printing (A260X) 1967
2nd Printing (A260X) 1968
3rd Printing (A635) 1970
4th Printing (A939S) 1972
5th Printing (AN1218) 1973

Tandem Books
1st printing (T154) 1967
2nd Printing (85106-12554-1) 1973

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