Monday, July 19, 2021

Stop Press In Scarlet by Marc Brody

Stop Press In Scarlet
by Marc Brody

This frame led to hunting in the hills with rifle sights set for murder and all eyes on Brody.....

He was mean, vicious, the type who would sell out his father for a dime, if the old man had been worth that much! He was mobster Alby Varner, he and Marc Brody were working to finger the killer of lovely Nita Young. The magnet that lured Body and Varner together was the search for the missing million dollar art treasure. Marc's assignment was to find the treasure and double cross Varner, he had his own plans as well. Avoid being double crossed by Brody and pin the rap on the person who murdered Nita. So Brody headed up to the mountains for some big game shooting, hillbillies who brewed a special brew, beautiful women, ,and an influx of machinegun toting hoods. But somebody forgot to tell him that behind the mystery of the missing art treasure was yet another mystery! But those machine guns were right on target and Brody was their target....

Printing History
Written by W.H. "Bill" Williams

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #4
November 1958

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