Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Human Time Bomb by William L Rhodes

The Human Time Bomb
by William L Rhodes

Nick Carter faces the most bizarre enemy of his career. 
A powerful army of men and women who are neither dead nor alive.

Something strange was going on at the Reed-Farben chemical plant. Something that threatened the United States' entire defense system, something evil. No one outside knew what it was. And if they, did they would not talk. And if they talked, they did not live long. If AXE did not have answers soon, it would be too late. That is when Nick Carter moved in: on a mountain girl with the right connections, on a beautiful Germany scientist with highly classified secrets, on an impossible mission where violence and murder were standard operating procedure and the horrible resemblance between persons living and dead was everything buy coincidental. Nick is to match wits with his arch enemy, Mr Judas.

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Printing History
Written by William L Rhodes

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Award Edition
1st Printing (A456X) July 1969
2nd Printing (A456X) August 1970
3rd Printing (AQ1474) July 1975

Charter Communications Inc
Charter Books
 (441-34909) August 1981

Tandem Edition
1st (4167) 1969
Reprint (5426) 1970
Reprint (7405) 1971
Reprint (7405) Dec 1972
Reprint (426-17320) 1976

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