Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Arab Plague/The Slavemaster by Jon Messman

The Arab Plague/The Slavemaster
by Jon Messman

A mind-altering drug used to blackmail the world
A terrifying new twist on the slave trade
An assignment for Nick Carter that can't succeed, but dare not fail

A primitive Arab town tormented by a merciless sun.
A stinking hellhole call the salve market.
A merchant of human flesh who doubles as a spy.
An American agent grown soft on the job.

Strange pieces in an espionage puzzle that Nick Carter must solve. It begins with the suspected sellout of intelligence information. And it climaxes with a nightmare struggle for power that must, but can't, be won.

A diabolical clever espionage plot is behind the bizarre behavior of the world's leaders. there are sudden defections, incredible policy reversals, and shattered diplomatic relations. All heading toward mass hysteria and worldwide disaster. AXE agent Nick Carter's assignment is to find the mastermind playing the global death game before the world explodes. His hunt leads him to the desert stronghold of a satanic Arab. A macabre madman who uses cunning brutality and mind altering drugs on beautiful women for a new twist on the old slave trade.

Bonus Cover

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman (1920-2004)

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp
Award Series
1st (A583X) February 1970
2nd (AQ1513) January 1976

Tandem Series
As The Slavemaster
1st Printing 1970
Reprint 1971
Reprint (426 12765) May 1973

Universal Edition
Reprint (426 12765)

Star Edition
Reprint (426 19078) 1979
As The Arab Plague

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