Monday, January 17, 2022

The Cheyenne Payoff by Chet Cunningham

The Cheyenne Payoff
by Chet Cunningham

Cheyenne is a rough and tumble town, grown up from a hell on wheels intercontinental railroad berg full of hustlers, con men, and ladies of the night. And if you want to stay alive, it's a sharp eye and a fast draw.

Brad Spear came to Cheyenne to find a missing man. Instead, he discovered a burned-out saloon, a dry gulch where men staggered to their death in the scorching sun. A defrocked priest, a killer and rapist whose private hell led him to torture and deception. And an evil so intense it gnawed at the lives of men and women throughout the territory.

But in Cheyenne he also found Lady Jane. Beautiful, sensuous, a woman who could destroy a man or make him love her. Her methods were learned on the streets of London and perfected in the frontier town of Cheyenne. With the help of this remarkable woman, Brad Spear must overturn one of the most powerful conspiracies of the Old West

Printing History
Written by Chet Cunningham (1928-2017)

Dell/Branbury Books
February 1981

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