Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Five & Dime Murders by Richard Reinsmith

During the war he was paid to kill,
now he did it for pleasure

He fought the urge to kill and lost!

For Warren Pollinger the war had been a nightmare, and he has spent some of it as a combat fatigue patient. Following the war, he tried to pick up the pieces and live his life. Now, on the surface, he appeared to be a devoted husband and a well-respected member of his community. But inside, he was been torn apart by the past and the present. The horrors of the war often came back to haunt him driving him to the brink of insanity. But when these spells subside, something else plagued him. The urge to kill. He fought this urge until the battle was lost. He found it very easy to murder his wife's lover. Soon Pollinger was the helpless victim of his own warped logic. When he was asked to kill, he did!

Printing History
Written by Richard Reinsmith

Tower Publications, Inc
Tower Books
ISBN 505 51604

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  1. Very nice cover. I always like pictures of women with umbrellas.