Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pipeline by Paul Malone

In the DEA, it's now how you play the game....
It's whether you win or lose

Dealer's Choice
Miami based DEA maverick Jack Fowler has seen the good guys fall, along with the bad. But for Jack Fowler and the dedicated men and women committed to the long and bloody U.S. war on drugs, risk came with the job, and he willingly accepted both. A top DEA agent is tortured and murdered while working undercover in the realm of Mexico's drug kingpin, Miguel Reynoso. Fowler smells a rat, a traitor on the home team. Posing as a dealer, he hits the streets of Mexico in an effort to gain access to Reynoso's desert stronghold. On paper, the operation had the makings of a classic sting. But Fowler's chosen prey is an expert hunter, capable of smelling danger in the wind. One wrong step, and his attempt to even the score would become a one way ticket beneath the blazing sun, with nowhere to go but hell.

Printing History
Written by Mike Newton

Agents #2
Worldwide Library
Gold Eagle Books
ISBN 373-63802
September 1991

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