Friday, February 8, 2013

The Zig-Zag Man by Marvin Albert

A beautiful heiress needs Pete Sawyer's help to untangle a terror filled past that still shatters her present......

If anyone can track down the nameless, faceless mastermind of an unsolved eight year old kidnapping, it's Pete Sawyer. Pete's latest client, Helen Marsh, was only ten when she was abducted by a ruthless gang. The gruesome business cost ten million dollars. It cost Helen two fingers. Now, she wants revenge and Pete's help to get it. With Helen's suspicions to guide him. Pete lights out on the trail of a wealthy American businessman who's up to his neck in international drug trafficking. But as Pete's manhunt zig-zags across Europe, he discovers his quarry is a man of many faces, and many secrets. And as Pete Sawyer begins to peel away the years of deception, the twists and turns of the mystery bring him closer to his own dead end.... 

Printing History
Written by Marvin H. Albert (1924-1996)

copyright 1991 by Marvin Albert

Ballantine Books
Fawcett Gold Medal Books
ISBN 449 14624
July 1991

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