Friday, May 31, 2013

The Blow-Your-Mind Job by Troy Conway

A tribe of Amazon women cast a sex-hex on adventurer Rod Damon, 
The Coxeman

Rod Damon penetrates the virgin bush
as he risks his legendary all in the unexplored Amazon jungle. Rod is the only man capable of conquering the lost tribe of Amazon females who are on the verge of destroying the entire male race. The wild women of the passionate cult are savage, wield a weird voodoo death hex, and all of them are virgins. The awesome Amazons have discovered the secret of sex without men! If the Coxeman can't cut it, every Tom, Dick, and Rod is doomed! Rod's fabled resources are stretched to the breaking point as he stiffens himself against the toughest resistance of his long career!

Coxeman #19
Printing History
Written by Michael Avallone (1924-1999)

Coronet Communications, Inc.
Paperback Library, Inc.
1st Printing  February 1970

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