Sunday, May 5, 2013

Will The Real Rod Please Stand Up? by Troy Conway

Adventurer Rod Damon
The Coxeman
Finds that his twin is also his enemy!

Double Your Pleasure,
Double Your Fun
Rod Damon is faced with double trouble as he becomes involved with two phony princesses, and another Coxeman. An enemy imposter is trying to step into Rod's formidable shoes.
The question is: Why?
The answer is: Why not?
Aside from some delectable fringe benefits, Rod's position as a crack agent gives him access to the world's deepest secret. To prove his identity Rod must face the most devastating test ever devised, and conquer it with his ultimate weapon.

Coxeman #21
Printing History
Written by Michael Avallone (1924-1999)

Coronet Communications, Inc.
Paperback Library, Inc.
1st Printing  July 1970

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