Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life To Life by Don Pendleton

Ashton Ford #4
Our Cosmic Future Depends On Ashton Ford
And The Birth Of One Child

She was a powerful, stunningly beautiful psychic. She gave spiritual guidance to thousands of troubled souls and was preparing to extend her ministry throughout the world. But when her family and followers began dying in mysterious, horrifying ways, she had to call on Ashton Ford to discover the truth behind their deaths. It wasn't long before Ashton found that the lovely reverend was the center of a centuries old mystical group now threatened by a malevolent and divisive force. And to over come it, Ford had to wage a cosmic battle in a shadowy realm of the unreal and the unearthly, a world that challenges all that we know.

Printing History
Written by Don Pendleton (1927-1995)

Warner Books, Inc
Popular Library
ISBN 445 20256 (USA)
July 1987
ISBN 445 20257 (Canada)
July 1987

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