Friday, June 21, 2013

Prime Time For Murder by Valerie Frankel

 A Date To Die for!
Cover by Tom McKeveny
When sultry Sabrina Delorean, the hotter-than-thou hostess of the popular trash-TV dating game, Party Girls, asks Wanda Mallory, the tough, tart-tongued, Times Square P.I. to be her bodyguard, Wanda can't believe her ears. But her eyes are not lying when she catches the latest live episode of Sabrina's show,  where a sensitive stud wins a date with an angel, and loses his life to a bullet meant for Sabrina. Wanda may be a streetwise sleuth in the city that never sleeps, but she's just a babe in televisionland. Racing to preempt another hit, she grapples with more phonies and flakes that one can click a remote at.

Is the killer..............
  • A two-faced network bigwig? 
  • A one-legged lothario? 
  • A glad-handling studio sycophant? 
  • A pill-pushing shrink who's the mother of all meddlesome moms? 

As Wanda takes to the airwaves to find out, be sure to tune in, turn on, and see who drops dead!

Wanda Mallory Mystery #3

Printing History
Written by Valerie Frankel

Simon & Schuster, Inc
Pocket Books
ISBN 671 79519
January 1994

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