Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Detectionary by Mill Roseman

A biographical dictionary of leading characters in mystery fiction

Including famous and little known sleuths, 
their helpers,
rogues both heroic and sinister, 
and some of their most memorable adventures, 
as recounted in novels, short stories, and film

Printing History
Mill Roseman (August 14, 1921-September 27, 2003)

 copyright 1971
Hammermill Paper Company, Inc

The Overlook Press
BCE Edition  June 1977
ISBN 879 51041

Compiled by
 Otto Penzler
Chris Steinbrunner
Charles Shibuk
Marvin Lachman
Francis M Nevins, Jr

Edited by
Otto Penzler
Chris Steinbrunner
Marvin Lachman


  1. Oh, I like that cover, Scott. And it looks like a good book too!

  2. I have this one, although the condition is not very good. But I refer to it now and then.