Sunday, October 13, 2013


Back when I was living in Denver Colorado (before moving off to college), the main airport was Stapleton International Airport from 1929 until 1995. I remember flying for the first time out of Stapleton on Continental Airlines bound for St Louis. Now this is the only standing reminder.  Denver International Airport (DIA) took over from Stapleton.

June 1931 photo of Amelia Earhart & Frederick Bonfils
A 1944 aerial view of B-17 bombers parked behind the Stapleton terminal

 British Airways Concorde taxiing in December 1978
On February 27, 1995, the last commercial flight left Stapleton. A Continental Airlines flight to London Gatwick. Later that evening Stapleton was closed and a massive convoy of all the airport vehicles headed for the new Denver International Airport, which opened the following morning.

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  1. Scott - Interesting stuff! Thanks. It's always a major change when a institution like SIA closes.