Friday, December 5, 2014

The Dame by Carter Brown

A film star, a corpse, 
and a swimming pool make trouble for Al Wheeler

Police Lt Al Wheeler is out to stop the curvy blonde movie queen being cast in a fatal part. She is Hollywood's hottest property but somebody's cast her as a cold corpse.

Barye Phillips Cover
Stand in for Death
The flaxen haired blonde was very beautiful and very naked, except for the knife she wore in her back. She made a honey of a corpse even though she was the wrong girl for the part. And when the killer discovered the mistake and realized the scene needed to be shot again. California cop Al Wheeler was already on the killer's trail, ready to ring down the curtain on this lethal killer before the killer made some other beauty take her final bow.

Murder in the Cast
The husband: He's a philandering mate, a ham actor, a handsome heel.
The husband's mistress: She's a volcanic brunette in the suggestion of a bikini.
The would be producer: He;s a small man with big, big plans.
The wealthy financier: He was devoted his life to the mad pursuit of money.

Each of these four people had his or her own special reason for wanting to see Judy Manner dead. One of them tried once and will try again, in his or her own sweet time. In this fast paced scorcher, Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler plans a murder to catch a murderer.
Grant Roberts/Robert McGinnis Cover
 Printing History
Written by  Alan G Yates (1922-1985)

Horwitz Publications Inc
Numbered Series #82 Oct 1959
Long Story Magazine #8 March 1960
International Edition #13 Feb 1962
International Edition #66 1970, June 1977

New American Library
Signet Books
1st (1738) November 1959
2nd December 1959(Canada)
3rd (D2827) 1965
4th (Q6402) 1974

Four Square Books
1st (1614) September 1966
 Bonus Covers

Australia (February 1962)

UK (September 1966)

 Australia (June 1977)

Russia (1992)

Mexico (1963)

Finland (1961)

Netherlands (1962)

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