Tuesday, July 14, 2015

No Biz Like Showbiz by Julie Moffett

A Lexi Carmichael Mystery 

 Geek extraordinaire Lexi Carmichael is back for a fun and engaging story. As Director of Information Security for X-Corp, a cyber intelligence firm, Lexi uses her vast skills and knowledge to solve whatever problems are sent her way. Lexi’s latest case has her traveling to Hollywood to join the crew of the newest and hottest reality show “Geeks Get Some”. A hacker with malicious intent has infiltrated the show’s computer system and is manipulating the audience vote as to who gets sent home each week. Since Lexi is appalled by the show’s premise, she has some sympathy for the hacker but has a job to do. She must find out who is doing this and stop him or her. Things go from bad to worse when the hacker causes Lexi a great deal of stress and personal embarrassment. Lexi makes it her mission to find the hacker no matter the cost.

Printing History
Written by 

Harlequin Digital Sales Corp
Carina Press
July 2014

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