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No Way Out (1987)

No Way Out 

At an inaugural ball, US Navy Lieutenant Commander Tom Farrell meets a woman, Susan Atwell, and they begin an affair, although she is involved with another man. Later, Farrell begins to work at the Pentagon for the US Secretary of Defense, David Brice. Soon, Farrell learns that the other man in Susan's life is Brice, who in turn learns of Susan's infidelity. While demanding the name of her lover, Brice accidentally kills her in a jealous rage. Ready to turn himself in, Brice is persuaded by his General Counsel, Scott Pritchard, to cover it up and blame it on someone else. They concoct a story that Susan's other lover was a suspected but unconfirmed KGB sleeper agent code-named "Yuri."


Kevin Costner as Lieutenant Commander Tom Farrell, US Navy
Gene Hackman as Secretary of Defense David Brice
Will Patton as Scott Pritchard
Sean Young as Susan Atwell
George Dzundza as Sam Hesselman
Howard Duff as Senator Duvall
Jason Bernard as Major Donovan, CID
Fred Dalton Thompson as CIA Director Marshall
Iman as Nina Beka

Based on this film from 1948


Ray Milland as George Stroud
Charles Laughton as Earl Janoth
Maureen O'Sullivan as Georgette Stroud
George Macready as Steve Hagen
Rita Johnson as Pauline York
Elsa Lanchester as Louise Patterson
Harry Morgan as Bill Womack
Both films were based on the book published in 1946

Printing History
Written by Kenneth Fearing (1902-1961)

as The Judas Picture
The American Magazine
October 1946
Harcourt, Brace and Company 

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  1. This is really interesting, Scott. I have to admit I didn't know No Way Out was based on The Big Clock. Just goes to show you how much I need to learn...