Monday, August 31, 2015

Lust Is No Lady by Michael Avallone

When he saw her there...
Beautiful, naked, and dying...
Staked to  the burning desert in that startling way.
Ed Noon knew he would have to look for a different breed of man.

Ed Noon is heading out on a vacation when he car blows a tire on Highway 80 in Wyoming where he is immediately the helpless target for a diving Piper Cub, which bombards him with bricks. He finds Brandy, a naked Indian girl, staked out in the sun, and she leads him to a cabin, where her Uncle Charlie Redwine has been tortured to death. Noon encounters the Riker Gang, which is determined to find a missing gold bullion shipment, dating back to the Civil War. But the main distraction is P.J., the murderous dwarf pilot of the Piper Cub, who has some very bad plans of his own.  

Printing History
Michael Angelo Avallone, Jr (1924-1999)

Belmont Productions, Inc
Belmont Books 
 December 1964

The Brutal Kook
WH Allen
Brown Watson Limited

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