Monday, August 10, 2015

Women Heroes of World War II by Kathryn Atwood

26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance and Rescue

Noor Inayat Khan was the first female radio operator sent into occupied France and transferred crucial messages. 

Johtje Vos, a Dutch housewife, hid Jews in her home and repeatedly outsmarted the Gestapo. 

Law student Hannie Schaft became involved in the most dangerous resistance work sabotage, weapons transference, and assassinations. 

In these pages, readers will meet these and many other similarly courageous women and girls who risked their lives to help defeat the Nazis. Twenty-six engaging and suspense-filled stories unfold from across Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, and the United States, providing an inspiring reminder of women and girls’ refusal to sit on the sidelines around the world and throughout history. An overview of World War II and summaries of each country’s entrance and involvement in the war provide a framework for better understanding each woman’s unique circumstances, and resources for further learning follow each profile.

Printing History
Written by Kathryn J Atwood 

Chicago Review Press
ISBN 55652 961 2011 (Hardback)
ISBN 61374 523 2013 (Paperback)

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