Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mansion Of Evil by Caroline Farr

Lovely Diane Montrose came to the mansion called Ravensnest to save a life.
And finds her own threatened as she seeks love in a house shadowed by death.

Violent Death Stalked The Towering Cliffs Of Ravensnest
Lapped by the Gulf Of Maine waters, Ravensnest brooded like a specter from the past, over the fishing town of Tregoney. To the gloomy ruin of a mansion came beautiful Diane Montrose on a nursing assignment.

More than illness threatened the life of her young charge, Robyn Warburton, whose Mother perished under mysterious circumstances. Diane found herself drawn into a web of evil. What was the terrible secret that dominated everyone's lives at Ravensnest? What horror was hidden in the cell, hewn from the living rock of the cliffs below it? What was the danger that lurked in Diane's attraction to David Warburton, heir to the family's fortune?

Printing History
Richard Wilkes-Hunter (1906-1991)

Horwtiz Publications Inc

Signet Books
November 1966 

December 1971

Bonus Cover
Australian Edition 

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