Monday, July 31, 2017

The Last Match by David Dodge

Would Interpol Get Him First...
Or Would She?

Cover by William George
 When a handsome swindler working the French Riviera meets a beautiful heiress on the beach at Cannes, sparks fly.  But so do bullets – and soon he’s forced to flee the country with both the police and the heiress on his trail.

From the casinos of Monaco to the jungles of Brazil, from Tangier to Marrakesh to Peru, the chase is on.  And not even a veteran of Monte Carlo’s baccarat tables would dare to place odds on where it will end… 

Printing History
Written by David Dodge (1910-1974)

Hard Case Crime #25
Dorchester Publishing Company
October 2006
ISBN 8439 5596

The manuscript, which remained unsold at the time of his death, was discovered among his papers and is the first new Dodge material to be published in 35 years.

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