Saturday, February 16, 2019

Frame For The Front Page by Marc Brody

Frame For The Front Page 
by Marc Brody
The cops don't like characters who manhandle women in this town
So you'll be in with us or I'll hear me
All the way up the river!!

When that beautiful dance hostess, Senga Tarpova, called Marc up from the flat she didn't tell him she was sharing it with a dead man neatly packed into a traveling trunk! And when he found out she was tied in with two other guys, and one was found on a bed with his head smashed in and the other was lying dead in a quarry, Marc guessed Senga was being modeled for a frame up. And she was framed, by a guy who had plans for disposing of the guy who had chosen a different frame for her, on a front page, namely, Marc Brody! But Marc was not going to be sent up the river on his own, honey blonde Loren Norris was along for the ride, and brother, was she company! The French countess didn't like the idea of that think of company, she wanted to see Brody a cadaver, first....and did she nearly got her wish, cold!

Printing History
Written by W.H. (Bill) Williams

Horwitz Publications, Inc
September 1957

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