Saturday, February 9, 2019

Thrills Incorporated No 22

Adventures In Space And The World Of Tomorrow
Peril Of The Sea Planet

Peril Of The Sea Planet
by N.K. Heming (Norma K Hemming 1928-1960)
Stranded on an unknown planet with a wrecked spaceship....Would search parties reach them before the atmosphere took its dreadful toll.

No Pixies On Pluto
by Alan Yates (Alan G Yates 1923-1985)
Ivan Livesy didn't believe in pixies....until he saw one. And from that time on he was a lost man.

Fungus Fantasia
by Ace Carter (Gordon Clive Bleeck 1907-1971)
Three tiny , but dangerous planetoids had to be destroyed..Only two men could do it.

Printing History
Transport Publishing Co. Pty Ltd
Horwitz Publications, Inc
May 1952

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